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A Holistic Way of Life

All of our products are made with certified organic ingredients. We continually source premium ingredients and hold our products to the highest standard.

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Change Your Karma – Change Your Life

Our karma specific vibrational sprays were specially formulated and supercharged using an intricate alchemical process to help you break any bonds that may be preventing you from moving forward in this lifetime.

Karma blockages can affect you emotionally, financially and spiritually. Kicking a bad habit is not easy: it requires conscious karmic effort, which can be achieved with these 5 different Karma Sprays.


Each Karma Spray contains the living energies of plant essences, charged with the healing power of crystalline structures, colour, sound, sacred geometry, planetary energies, prayer, intention, plus more. Each spray includes gemstone crystal chips that when activated amplify the essence’s vibration at the time of use.


Alchemy was the medieval forerunner to chemistry and was based on the transformation of matter to a quality deemed perfect. We consider Karma Sprays a preparation to help one live a quality and more harmonious life, clear of karmic and personal interference.


Through a meticulous Alchemy process our intention is to purify, mature and perfect our formulations with specific patterned frequencies that include:



  • Plant Medicine. Used since early times as a method to prevent and treat illness and spiritual and auric imbalance. In our Karma Sprays plant essences are a main ingredient that we start the alchemical process with.

Based on the law of resonance, the combined plant essences for each specific Karma Spray is supercharged through a means of synergy. When the oscillating crystal force is applied to the Mother Essence, it will increase the intelligence of the Karma Spray to reach the multi-dimensions of your being.


  • Crystalline Structures. Each Mother Essence is programmed in a crystal grid. The oscillation of each crystal magnifies the Essence’s power. The sacred geometry grid further imbues the meaning of its symbols and codes into the Essence.  

  • Sacred Geometry. A sacred geometry grid charges the Essence with meaningful symbols and codes and activates its corresponding crystals. The human body and nature contains many of these sacred geometry codes, and  reacts accordingly when exposed to the symbols and shapes of the grid.

  • Colour. Consists of wavelengths of light and light is our body’s main source of energy. As well, light and pigments are of the fundamental constants of nature. Each colour has a profound healing affect on our physicality as well as our psyche.

  • Sound. Sound waves carry messages that are infused in the liquid essence of the Karma preparations.

  • Planetary/Cosmic Energies: Placement of the planets at the time of formulation and the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies are known to have an influence on human affairs and the natural organisms.

  • Prayer & Intention. Is also imbedded into the Essence to further help carry the intended program to the user.


Choose the Karma Spray based on what you need at the time. The Purpose Karma Spray (#4) can be used in combination with any other spray to further transmute any karmic debt. When completed in numerical sequence (#1-5) will assist in past life, birth and rebirth as well as past, current and future karmic conditions. To fully connect to your life’s purpose and spiritual awakening, all karmic obligations should be cleared.



Shake bottle to activate the alchemical process. Close your eyes and mist three times over your head. Breathe in deeply, and with each breath envision unifying your body, mind and spirit. Repeat 2-3 times daily for best results.

Take note of how you are feeling physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually before and after working with each Karma Spray. When used regularly Karma Spray restores balance returning out body, mind and spirit to a harmonic state.


Setting Your Prayer of Intention prior to using the Karma Essences:

Dear One and Only Divine Creator,

Bless these Karma Light Essences to facilitate their intention to help heal my body, mind and soul. Please assist in replacing any past, present or future blockages with positive energy pathways that align with your divine love and light. In gratitude, forever and always. Amen




Bring solace during times 

of loss, grief & distress and other emotional issues. Helps ease sorrow and facilities acceptance. Use to help restore emotional balance due to loss of a loved one, a relationship, job, etc.







Unconditional Love Essence 

Helps build up one’s self-confidence and nurtures a good relationship with oneself as well as with others. 

This beautiful pink essence is useful to release feelings of aggression and anger. Allowing this higher vibrational essence to support one’s being through the Universal and Unconditional Love energy helps one to connect to their self-identity. Loving and nurturing oneself is a key factor to harmonious relationships with others.

Crystal Light Spiritual Sprays

These high powered Spiritual Sprays are made with holy water, essential oils, alchemy flower essences and vibrational frequencies programmed using crystals, sound, colour, planets, sacred geometry and other energies found in nature. 

The concept behind these high powered Spiritual Sprays is to remind the body's energy field of it's original "colour" blueprint. Restoring balance to imbalances, in turn, our body, mind & spirit can return to a harmonic state. 

Guardian Angel Essences

This amazing Essence will comfort you in times of need as it allows your "helpers" to assist and support you.

Guardian Angel is a powerful and precise vibrational preparation that has been formulated to strengthen the auric protective grid through its influence on all your subtle bodies. This deeper multidimensional patterning encourages a positive energetic response to any intrusive negative energy, thus freeing your consciousness from any negative programmed responses that could be restricting your progress.

Spray Essence Directions: Spray 2-3 mists several inches above your head and inhale the beautiful aroma as you affirm your intentions.

Roll-On Essence Directions: Apply to the Brow Chakra, wrists, thymus region or the nape of the neck 1-3 times daily. Allow the Essence to align your protection grid to release any unwanted autonomic responses.

Try using Guardian Angel before bedtime to assist in the release of blockages held in your subconsciousness. Note any profound mental, emotional and spiritual insights upon waking.


Our Belief

Our belief is that organic is not just a lifestyle but an experience.

We offer a range of exceptional natural beauty products, including our own in-house brands created in our store that can be customized to your specific needs and preferences.

Visit our spa conveniently located in our warm century building in the growing community of Alliston, Ontario.

Call to book an appointment or to ask us about how you can start your Organic Lifestyle.

Our specialty is creating unique and personalized products based on our clients’ requests. We can create products for your specific skin, hair, or scent needs. Please ask us about creating your personal organic beauty product to fit your lifestyle.

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