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Our premium water-based polish is non-toxic and odourless.


Because of its gentle state, we do not recommend it for long-lasting manicures.

All of our creams and exfoliants are made from certified organic ingredients.

Flowers and Nails

Signature Items & Salon Exclusives

Holistic Pedicure                                         $65.00

Holistic Manicure (no polish)                      $45.00

Signature items include a herbal infused butter wrap!

Traditional Hand & Foot Services

Natural Manicure                                  $30.00

Natural Pedicure                                   $50.00

Men's Pedicure                                     $45.00

Tots, Tweens, and Teen services are available!

Please call for more information.

For customizations or recommendations call Charlene at (705) 890-2400
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